Fast Food Choices

Sometimes you just can’t avoid it: you are out longer than you planned and get hungry or even with the best of intentions, you forgot to pack something for while you were on the go.

kaboompics.com_Two apples on the board

I have been in this situation plenty of times throughout my weight loss journey so far, and would like to share with you some of my fast food go tos:

  • McDonald’s: grilled chicken patty by itself around 120 calories, grilled chicken sandwich or salad 310-350 calories, side salad with light or vinegar based dressing should be around 80-100 calories max, apple slices 15 calories, and fruit & yogurt parfait 130-160 calories (depends if you add the granola). As a bonus the ice cream cone makes a good low calorie treat for 170 calories, less if you get the kiddie cone. (
  • Burger King: whopper Jr. 300 calories or 240 without mayo, tendergrill sandwich 460 calories or 350 without mayo, apple slices as a side 30 calories. They also have a cone which is 160 calories. (
  • Wendy’s: grilled chicken wrap 270 calories, small chili 170 calories, side salad with light or vinegar based dressing should be 80-100 calories at most, crispy chicken sandwich 350 calories, and 4pc chicken nuggets 230 calories. (
  • Taco Bell: fresco shredded chicken soft taco 170 calories, fresco burrito supreme with chicken 340 calories, and bean burrito 370 calories. (
  • Culver’s: snack pack buffalo chicken strips with small fry and diet/0 calorie drink 470 or snack pack with regular chicken strips and small fry and diet drink 510 calories. (
  • Dairy Queen: grilled chicken wrap 290 calories. (

Obviously I didn’t list all fast food places or even all of the healthier choices at each place, but these are the ones I personally choose most of the time… There are always good or at least “better” choices when you have to eat away from home. If you have a way, such as on your phone or asking for a copy from the restaurant itself, look up nutrition info before buying your food.