Caption This Photo

It is now tomorrow, and I have added my captions to the photos themselves, so check it out! I hope you enjoy my captions as much as I enjoyed reading yours!

“Let me lead you… It’s a long journey, and we will have so much more fun doing it together!”

boys holding hands

Adding this picture for fun and to see the contrast a year makes.

The first picture is my nephews holding hands sometime last summer, and this new picture is them holding hands just last week. They may fight like cats and dogs, nearly all the time, but I will forever be in awe of their brotherly bond. I was close to my brother (who was 23 months younger than me) when we were younger too, but every sibling relationship is different and something to be celebrated. These boys are 12 months apart and their bond is so important.

IMG_0679 - Copy
“Take the risk, but look before you leap!”
IMG_0483 - Copy
“I thought I was ready for this obstacle course! Where’s the safety net!”

And this one just for fun, because how funny is a cat sitting in a sink?

IMG_0847 - Copy
“DO NOT DISTURB! I’m chillaxing!”

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