Motivation Monday- The “Buddies” of Motivation


As we begin our journeys to lose weight and get healthier, we have motivation in abundance. Everything is so new! We feel like we can do it otherwise we wouldn’t have started. Not to mention, our reasons are fresh on our minds… but slowly motivation starts to wane. Why? Why is that?

It is my opinion that determination is the best buddy of motivation. These two concepts are so closely tied together that they feed off of each other. Motivation is our reasons and desire to do what we’re doing, and determination is our strength in that desire. These two together provide that fire within us to move forward when the going gets tough.

boy jumping in sunset

Another aspect that also ties in is willpower, simply us taking the control of our urges as well as what we do, basically practicing self-control. Sometimes this is hard, others it is easy. We have to believe we have the strength in us to put this willpower to use. Weighing our options against our reasons for losing weight and making the best decision for us is the best way to do this. The more you practice self-control, the easier it will be to employ it.

No one said this journey would be easy, but these three components are very important. Motivation can be consistently kept by setting yourself deeply into your purpose and by practicing self-control at every opportunity. It almost sounds like a recipe, doesn’t it? A recipe for success! Keep putting these things to use and simply practicing them each day.