Happy Halloween!

I’m just stopping by to wish you all a happy and healthy Halloween!


If you have kids, how do you plan on staying away from their candy loot? It’s so tempting, they will never notice a missing piece… or is that the lie we tell ourselves?

I think my own plan is to focus on healthier “treats” I can have, such as fruit, yogurt, and applesauce. Plus focusing on water helps me too. If I crave something, I usually can squelch the craving by telling myself to drink a certain amount of water and/or do a certain activity before I can have a small amount of whatever it is.


Upcoming Events: Q+A and Party

Be the Best You has some super exciting upcoming  Facebook events on the schedule:

Up first is the Be the Best You: Office Hours (Q+A) on November from 5-8pm US Central time.


You will be able to ask me anything about weight loss and healthy living, and as always I will do my best to answer them!

Click here for this event: Be the Best You: Office Hours Event
Next is Be the Best You: the Party on Wednesday, November 18th from 5-8pm US Central time.

The party will be us all helping each other with advice, tips, conversation, and fun! I will be making a special freebie just for the event for all who attend and one lucky winner will win a free Be the Best You product as well!

Click here for this event: Be the Best You: the Party

As it says in the information in each event, feel free to share with or invite others! The more the merrier!

If you can’t attend one or both and are interested, keep in mind I will be setting up more events in the future at different times. Also if you have a time and day of the week you would prefer, leave me a comment and I will do my best to make it happen.

I will likely do a minimum of one of each type of event per month from here on out… Next I will be trying my hand at a Twitter Chat though so if you have a time/day preference for that, comment here!

Be sure to let me know which social media you’re referring to if you want me to do it at a certain time (Facebook/Twitter) or if you have a different social media website altogether that you would like as well. I will do my best to make this easy and fun for all!


The Sisterhood of the World Blogging Award


I have been nominated for this award by http://www.itsgoodtobecrazysometimes.wordpress.com. Thank you for the nomination!


  1. Thank the nominator and link their blog to your post.
  2. Answer the 10 questions given to you.
  3. Pass the award on to as many bloggers as you went and let them know.
  4. Include the logo of the award in a post or on your blog.

My questions from my nominator:

  1. What is you favorite time of the day? Night time, when it’s quiet and I can be my most thoughtful.
  2. If you were immortal for a day what would you do? Skydive and take one of those dangerous hikes I see on Facebook or Pinterest from time to time.
  3. What did you want to be growing up? Artist, veterinarian, and novelist (just to name a few!)
  4. What was the last tv show, book or movie to make you well up? Fast & Furious 7, the tribute to Paul Walker at the end.
  5. Where’s Waldo (Wally)? In his book, of course!
  6. If you could of personally witnessed anything what would it be? I would have to say the Women’s Rights Movement.
  7. Who is your hero? My mom. She is strong and loving.
  8. You can pick one person from history and have them truthfully answer one question. Who would you select and what would it be? This one was hard, I’m not big on history, but I will say Amelia Earhart, and ask her how she had so much faith in herself to take the flights she did.
  9. If you joined the circus what act would you do? Lion Tamer sounds fun, but honestly I wouldn’t be brave enough so maybe a Magician Assistant.
  10. What do you think Victoria’s secret is? Contrary to popular belief on Facebook, I don’t think that it’s because she’s hungry haha, but I think her secret is she has no secret!

So my Nominees are:




And my questions for you all are:

  1. What was your favorite childhood book?
  2. Are you a night owl or a morning person?
  3. Which do you prefer, coffee or tea?
  4. Where in the world do you want to visit the most?
  5. Which do you prefer, cats or dogs?
  6. If you were to dress up for Halloween this year, what would you be?
  7. Which would you rather do: skydive, bungee jump, or hang glide?
  8. What is your favorite holiday?
  9. What is the last book you read?
  10. How many children do (or did) you want?


One Lovely Blog Award


I was nominated by https://lifeasiinterpret.wordpress.com for the One Lovely Blog Award, thank you so much! I feel honored and had fun doing this… although it was hard to get started, as it usually is when I’m “talking” about myself 🙂

Here are the rules for this award:
Thank the blogger who nominated you for the award.

Display the banner/sticker/logo on your blog.

Share 7 facts or things about yourself.

Nominate 5 bloggers that you admire and inform nominees by commenting on their blog.


7 Facts About Me:

  1. I am a total bookworm… but only when I have time.
  2. I enjoy learning and researching.
  3. I am a Christian, only recently so but learning a lot as I go along.
  4. I am an Introvert, through and through. I’m learning to use this to my advantage or to work around it so I can enjoy life more!
  5. While I’m a Californian, through and through, I currently live in Indiana and have for over five years now.
  6. My favorite type of book is mystery.
  7. I have learned, and continue to learn, a lot about health and fitness. So much so that it has become one of my biggest passions!


My nominees:

  1. http://www.itsgoodtobecrazysometimes.wordpress.com
  2. http://www.ameasuredlife.com
  3. http://www.mommylanesadventures.wordpress.com
  4. http://www.losing4christ.wordpress.com
  5. http://www.kwoted.wordpress.com


30 Before 30 List- What Comes First

In my blog post with my 30 Before 30 List, someone asked me what I planned to tackle first. I had wondered that myself but just now gave it focused thought. Mostly I just want to do what I can, when I can do it. However, these are the 10 I would like to accomplish in the next year:

  1. Finish the Tinker Bell Half Marathon that I’m already signed up for.
  2. Complete a 5K run.
  3. Move back to California (achieving this goal relies mainly on financial status).
  4. Get my driver’s license.
  5. Possibly get my first car, nothing fancy.
  6. Read through the Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz.
  7. Publish my first eBook or printed book (planning to start writing the first book next month, yeah!)
  8. Make a full-time income with my business so that I can be financially independent.
  9. Go up to the Skydeck of the Willis Tower.
  10. Participate in a Color and/or Glow Run.

So there you have it, those are the ones I would like to accomplish first. They aren’t a must finish first but they are the ones I can definitely do in the next year and would help me achieve some of the other ones on the list.

Confession: I’m Struggling

there is always a bright side

To be honest, since my birthday two weeks ago, I have been struggling to eat on my personal plan. On the third, I got sick with some kind of cold that my nephews had and then last Sunday I ended up with an ear/sinus infection because of it and have been on an antibiotic since then. I’m still at the tail end of this thing and so far it hasn’t been too awful, all things considered, but it is exhausting… especially with all of my responsibilities and stresses, the chaos of everyday life. My nephews are still sick as well but on the tail end of theirs. This week my parents both got the cold complete with infections as well and my mom has sounded awful, but is now starting to sound and feel better which is great. Plus I’ve been babysitting a lot more hours the past couple weeks as well, and many other things going on that I couldn’t even begin to list here.

I’m not complaining, life is still absolutely beautiful and God continues to bless me left and right. My faith in Him is growing and I just love life. Even trials in my life are something for me to celebrate because I know they are teaching me something, or allowing for growth mentally or emotionally. So I am actually glad for each trial and have been learning to take things as they come more… However, I feel tired and run down, and I have been eating way too much junk and ate over my calories for five days straight in the past week. I don’t regret it because I still burned more than I ate (according to my Fitbit), and I decided to take a “lax” approach with my food because I didn’t want to add even more stress on top of everything else.

That all said, I do need to clean up my act and move forward. Today I’m beginning to refocus on my eating. I have a migraine and an upset stomach, probably from a variety of factors, which makes my appetite not as strong but makes exercise harder. I also babysat for 15 hours yesterday on less than four hours of sleep so I’m still a bit tired even after getting great-for-me sleep last night. So today’s goal is not to eat a bunch of junk, to get all my water in, and to stay inside my calorie range. Tomorrow I will try hard to hit 10K steps and I WILL make it to the gym. I’m feeling better overall and I need to get back to the gym, after all I’m paying for it and I need to build my strength back up again.

I’m human, I slip. I struggle. Almost on a daily basis I struggle with something, sometimes as small as patience or energy. Sometimes like lately it’s that and my eating. I just do what I can and move forward. I focus on the positives of each day, and try not to stress too much. It’s easier said than done. I’m a natural worrier, but I’m learning.

So today instead of indulging in something unhealthy at lunch time, which was super tempting, I had a bowl of oatmeal with a tablespoon of brown sugar mixed in. It tasted good, hit the spot, and was healthier than what I wanted to grab.

oats with strawberries

Obviously that is not my oatmeal but you get the point. Each step in the right direction adds up, no matter how small it is. So the deal is to keep moving forward and not lose hope!

Why am I posting this? I want you all to know you’re not alone. Even someone as far into their journey as me has hard times with eating and exercise, or whatever else. It’s a lifetime journey but I also want you to know that there is so much more than our struggles and slip ups. Each challenge helps us grow, each challenge teaches something, and each challenge allows for opportunities we may not have had otherwise. Even before I found my faith in God, I believed this wholeheartedly and I hope you do as well!


P.S. I want to let you know that I edited the captions on yesterday’s Caption This Photo post, so head on over there and check that out if you’d like to.

Caption This Photo

It is now tomorrow, and I have added my captions to the photos themselves, so check it out! I hope you enjoy my captions as much as I enjoyed reading yours!

“Let me lead you… It’s a long journey, and we will have so much more fun doing it together!”

boys holding hands

Adding this picture for fun and to see the contrast a year makes.

The first picture is my nephews holding hands sometime last summer, and this new picture is them holding hands just last week. They may fight like cats and dogs, nearly all the time, but I will forever be in awe of their brotherly bond. I was close to my brother (who was 23 months younger than me) when we were younger too, but every sibling relationship is different and something to be celebrated. These boys are 12 months apart and their bond is so important.

IMG_0679 - Copy
“Take the risk, but look before you leap!”
IMG_0483 - Copy
“I thought I was ready for this obstacle course! Where’s the safety net!”

And this one just for fun, because how funny is a cat sitting in a sink?

IMG_0847 - Copy
“DO NOT DISTURB! I’m chillaxing!”

I’m currently working on editing the free Weight Loss Getting Started workbook from this blog to make it even better and will be announcing the updated version by this coming Tuesday so keep your eyes peeled for that as well!

Also, if you want to join our “Be the Best You: Behind the Scenes” weekly newsletter mailing list, you can do so right here! It’s set to come out in November so stay tuned!


You are Beautiful, You are Worth it!

Motivation is something so many of us lack on a Monday! So I’m going to leave you with this thought:


YOU are beautiful, YOU are worth it!

be the best you

You are beautiful, even if you may not feel like it right at this moment.

All of us possesses beauty beyond what we perceive. We are beautiful in our own unique ways. We are one of a kind, we all have something to offer the world. One way to show that beauty is to be kind to yourself and others, to do what you can to help others and to be there for loved ones. What skills do you have that you feel proud of?

The most magnificent thing about beauty is that we can let ours shine through our actions. Hold your head high, be confident in what you’re doing. Live in the present and remind yourself that you belong. Even when you’re unsure of something, be confident in your ability to figure it out. We are all learning and stumbling through life in some form or another. Despite appearances, no one has everything together… and if they by some chance do, that state of order doesn’t usually last long. It’s an ideal, not a reality. Celebrate the beautiful disorder of life!

As far as physical beauty goes, it is so important to have that confidence in yourself. So take a moment to think… What do you like about your looks? It could be something minor or something major, just think of at least one thing. Then think of why you like that about yourself. What was it that you liked about yourself?

We are beautiful because of our experiences: the good, the bad, and the ugly. All of those experiences have made us who we are. You ever hear of the saying “everything happens for a reason”? Well, it really does. It may seem horrible at the moment, but you will come out on the other side, stronger than ever! You will be whoever you are meant to be. Use your experiences to your advantage! What are some experiences you have had that you feel have been a blessing or lesson in disguise?

Share your answers to the questions above in the comments, if you want to! I’d love to hear what good feelings you have always had or discovered in yourself by just thinking about your own beauty.

sunlight picture

I will go first:

What skills do I have that I’m proud of?
My writing, my ability to help others, my natural ability to care for children (although that’s far from perfect lol), and my ability to thoroughly think things through.

What do I like about my looks?
My eyes, for one. I love how they are mostly green. My hair most of the time. It’s soft and healthy. My muscles that I’m currently working to build up and having some good results already. My unique double “earlobe” that I was born with on my left ear because it makes me feel special!

What experiences have I been through that I feel have been a blessing or lesson in disguise?
There are so many so I will list three:
1) My foot injury/issue because it has taught me so much and given me a chance to find more potential in myself than just being active!
2) Falling into babysitting my nephews full-time for a year and a half now, not to mention part-time before that since 2012. It has taught me a lot about parenting, and has also provided me with a closeness to my nephews that I wouldn’t have if I weren’t caring for them or just around them in general so often! It’s special even compared to my special relationships with my sister’s children.
3) Vacation in May when I took a road trip across the country. This is a good experience but it taught me so much more than I expected. The trip helped me find my belief and faith in God, it helped me realize how truly invested I am in my body and my healthy lifestyle, and so much more!


Sharing Sunday- The Marvel of Pet Therapy

Pets are a valuable part of our lives. Many of us even consider them to be our “babies” or furbabies. The most amazing quality of our pets is the therapy we receive from them.

It’s quite simple really… Pets keep us company when we’re alone. They also give us a listening ear when we need one, without talking back or assuming we need advice. Even if they’re not truly listening, they can provide us with the illusion that they are. They can be our sounding board when we need to hear what we’re saying out loud to think it through but don’t want to discuss it with an actual person, or when we feel like no one will understand. Not only that, our pets supply us with some much needed cuddles! Just simply petting their soft fur or showering them with attention can be calming and distract us from our problems.

It’s such a beautiful give and take relationship. We take care of them and in turn they take care of us in a way sometimes other people cannot. Our pets fill the gap where everyday human interaction really doesn’t fit the bill. Sometimes they even give us support when our loved ones don’t.

katie pretty baby
My beautiful furbaby, keeping me company and snuggling.

This is my precious furbaby, Katie. She is a Siamese mix and we got her twelve years ago when she was a not-so-little stray kitten. She is a rather small cat though, weighing less than six pounds. She was originally meant to be my brother’s cat, but she hid under my bed from the very beginning. He would get in her face a lot, even chasing her under the bed to drag her out. Eventually she started jumping up on my bed and would let me pet her. I gave her the space she needed though and she appreciated me for it. We definitely started bonding from the that point. A few years after we got her, my brother gave in (without my asking) and told me she could be my cat. Over the years since then, our bond has only gotten stronger. We are really attached to each other now.

While anyone with pets can relate, she can be obnoxious sometimes and noisy. The Siamese in her makes her quite vocal at times and occasionally just won’t stop crying at me no matter what. I love her though, she is my baby and my one constant in a world of chaos and upheaval. She brings me strength when I’m feeling low, and comfort when I’m feeling sad or hopeless.

She even approves of my joining a gym, here she is cuddling up to my new gym shirt when I joined last month:


Pets are amazing creatures. Some might say they are just animals, but I say they are more than animals. They are a part of our families. They give us so much for simply taking care of and loving them.