Thriving Thursday- Be Kind to Yourself

wake up and be awesome

In order to truly thrive in life we need to be kind to ourselves. All of us have those negative, counterproductive, and self-depreciating thoughts at some point or another. I have been working on rewiring my brain for over a year now and I still have those types of thoughts on almost a daily basis. However they are less often and less debilitating.

When we are constantly belittling ourselves with those thoughts, we begin to believe them. We begin to feel badly about ourselves and our abilities. This affects how we go about our jobs, household tasks, other everyday activities, and also how we communicate with others. Those dark thoughts can really grab hold of us, holding on so tightly that we feel incapable of doing anything successfully.

Be happy, do what you love!
Be happy, do what you love!

So how can we change this way of thinking? I’m sure there are countless methods and opinions, but I will share with you how I personally did it. When I started my health and weigh loss journey last May, I never imagined that I would work so much on my mind in the process. It didn’t take me long to begin wondering for the first time why I was so mean to myself. Why did I call myself “stupid?” Why did I constantly beat myself up? And how was this affecting my view of myself and my actual ability to succeed?

After I had that epiphany, every time I recognized one of those negative thoughts invading my mind, I would quickly tell myself, “No…” and then think of something positive. Sometimes I simply reminded myself that everyone is human and no one is perfect. Other times I would also remind myself of my strengths and accomplishments. I still slip up probably around once or twice a day with negative thoughts, but it is all a process and I will continue working on it because I know I have already made great strides.

Thinking more kind and positive thoughts about myself has spilled over into other aspects of my life. For example, I feel more love and compassion for others. I also have so much more confidence in myself than ever before. I believe I will always be self conscious on some level but I also know it will continue to improve over time.

Be kind to yourself, replace the negative with the positive. Believe that you are a beautiful and strong person, and remind yourself of that everyday!