Foodie Friday- The Deliciousness of Melons!

The title says it all: melons are delicious. If you like melons, you might be thinking, “of course they are.” However, if you don’t like them, you should definitely read this blog.

When I was a kid and even up until a few years ago, I didn’t like melons. I tried them a few times, as a side to a meal at a restaurant usually, just because they were there and I figured they might suddenly be enjoyable to my taste buds.

Well, four months ago while on vacation in California, I went to IHOP with family friends the first night I was there. It was a healthy egg white, turkey bacon, whole wheat toast meal with a small bowl of fruit. There weren’t just melons in the bowl, but I decided to try the melons yet again and… yum! They tasted so good! In the bowl was cantaloupe and honeydew melon pieces mixed in with the other fruit.

I ended up having more melons later at the family friends’ house where I was staying, particularly some watermelon. That tasted really good to me as well. I was astonished! Who was this girl who used to avoid melons whenever they were brought into the house because they never tasted good to her before, now not only liking melons but loving them.

When I returned home, I kept craving the melons. So pretty soon I found myself buying the three different kinds of melons at the grocery store. I cut up half of each and mixed them together for three servings in the fridge for easy grabbing. I did both halves with a total of two sets of melons. Every time I had my them, it felt like a treat. They aren’t super filling, but they certainly are tasty!

The moral of the story is our taste buds change, so if you haven’t liked something in the past… try it again! Your tastes may surprise you like they did me. There are other things I have found I like now that I didn’t before too like a certain kind of cherry and peas! There are still plenty of things I don’t like that I hadn’t in the past too, but I want to keep retrying things to find out if my tastes have changed since I last had that particular food.