Tip Tuesday- Put Yourself First

Tip of the week:
Put yourself first

hand heart in sunset

Now I’m not suggesting to you to be selfish, but to put yourself first for at least a small part of each day. Taking care of yourself is so important to your overall health and wellbeing. In order to take care of others, we have to take care of ourselves first. We can’t possibly expect to be our best for everyone else if we’re not at our best, right?

So my tip this week is to set aside a part of the day for yourself to take part in some of your favorite activities, something relaxing or that makes you feel happy. This will spill into other parts of your life. Doing this will help us feel more confident, happier, and more relaxed throughout the day.

This is something that gets better the more you practice it. I’ve by no means perfected it, but I’m still working on it because I have seen how it changes my life each day if I have that time to myself. I don’t always feel like I’m running on fumes. I can better handle daily situations. I have more patience and feel more at peace when I take the time to read, write, exercise by myself (particularly a walk outside!), or some other activity that makes me happy that particular day.

Self-care needs to be a priority of our days so that we can do all of the tasks that we need to do, so that we can be there for our loved ones and be at our best while doing so. If we spread ourselves too thin, especially without taking care of ourselves first, we will come to a point where we can no longer care for others either.