Size Matters. Doesn’t it? by Kate Chasing Dreams (BLW Contributor)

This has such a beautiful and inspiring message!


The other day I was strolling around the shops in one of our local shopping centres, and since my eyes are kinda sale sensitive, I couldn’t resist but entering the George store. For a while I pretended I was interested in the new arrivals, but once I assumed I was not going to look desperate anymore I casually walked up to The rack. Festooned with huge red discount signs just like a poor life sentenced pine tree in your living room on a Christmas morning.

Anyhow, amongs other things there was a specific piece that caught my attention. Summery, leopard printed, short sleeved overall. Truly eycatching. Despite not being a big fan of animal prints, for a moment I imagined myself walking downtown wearing that thing, accompanied by dangerously high heels and sunshades. Femmefatale.


The reality is, I’m not any close to become the next top model, and even…

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