Hope, such a simple yet powerful word with so many meanings to different people. It’s so important to have hope in our lives. If we didn’t have any hope for the future, what would we be living in the present for?

When I think of this word, I think of positivity and future. Sometimes I am just plain tired and that plays with my hope a bit but I manage to keep my hope high somehow by reminding myself that what I am feeling in the moment is only temporary… Tomorrow is a new and fresh day, full of possibilities and I can shape it in any way I feel like.

Hope pushes me to move forward. Hope gives me a reason to move forward. Whenever things aren’t going according to plan, I shift focus and remember that if I keep trying hard and doing my best, I will get where I want to go… or somewhere even better! That hope keeps me alive and happy in the moment.

In my opinion, it’s ideal to live in the present while looking to the future at the same time… and hope gives me the chance to practice this daily. I have hope that the future that it holds amazing things for me. I am confident in myself to make things happen, but I also know that wherever life takes me is where I’m meant to be. So I will just keep being me, keep holding onto hope for the future, and stay as positive as I can no matter what life throws at me.

What does the word hope conjure up in your mind? What do you have hope for?


6 thoughts on “Hope

  1. I live for the moment in every area of my life. Sure, I plan my week ahead and am super organised but I try to focus on the here and now and not worry too much about what is yet to come. The only reason I do this is because if I focus too much on tomorrow, I’ll miss that rare flower beneath my feet.

    ‘Hope,’ where there is life, there is hope. Where there is a dream, there is hope. Allow it to be your friend but give it the respect that it so rightly deserves.

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  2. I never give up hope and will stay positive and try my best no matter what. I’m just beginning to hate the word as it’s been abducted by whiny people who are never gonna do anything to work for the goals and dreams they have. “I hope…I wish…” Whether you want to lose weight, get that dream job, move abroad, find your lifemate, hope is good. But you still need to act. 🙂

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