Weight Loss Support Group

weight loss support group

This is a survey of sorts for a “service” I would like to provide to others on their weight loss journeys. Please leave me a comment or email answering the questions or simply stating if this would be of value to you. The online support group for weight loss would be either in video or chat form. I have to figure out where to host this service but already have two or three ideas, and will be keeping you up-to-date as I figure it out!

I would also provide healthy living tools and/or challenges each week to keep incentive and motivation as high as possible. Ideally I would provide at least two meeting times each week for this support group to meet up online, such as at least one morning and one evening time, but maybe even a weekend meeting.

  1. Would you find value in an online weight loss support group hosted by someone who has successfully lost weight themselves?
  2. What kind of tools or features would you like to see in such a service? For example, a virtual weekly weigh-in (either posting the weight or posting a picture of the number on the scale), weekly check-ins with calories or exercise logs, etc.
  3. What time of day would work best for you personally, and weekday or weekend? (This information will be used in determining the best times each week to set up this group).
  4. How much would you be willing to pay each week or month for membership fees? Other groups charge a monthly or yearly fee for a similar service. Mine would be kept low because I believe in keeping things affordable, but am interested to hear how much you would think would be reasonable per week/month. I will likely make the first meeting completely free so people can try it out before paying.
  5. BONUS: Which would you prefer: conference type video or live chat with/without photos?

typing coffee

All information will be used to best serve you! If you use the contact form below, the information will also be kept confidential.

You don’t need to answer ALL of those questions, you can answer whatever you feel like answering or none at all of course! Thank you in advance for any feedback! Here is my contact form so you can email me directly if you prefer that over leaving a comment with your answers:


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