FREE Weight Loss Workbook (Improved)

A couple weeks ago I released a free Getting Started weight loss workbook. I have now improved it by adding even more helpful information and am re-releasing the new version. If you are just getting started or are having a hard time continuing in your own weight loss journey, this workbook is for you. Even if you’re far along in your journey and just need some guidance, you could find exactly what you need right here!

Sometimes it’s hard to get started or to simply get moving in the right direction. Life throws us for a lot of loops, and constantly challenges us. This workbook will help give you something to think about and look back on when the going gets tough! It solidifies your resolve in your mind and will help you document your progress in more ways than one.

weight loss workbook

Download directly from my website: Be the Best You website and click on the green button under the workbook title! I hope you like it and find it even more helpful than the first version! There is also my free Vacation Tips as well if you want to download that as well.

Coming Next Week: I will be starting a mini course about setting and keeping goals for the low price of $30. Keep your eyes open for that if you want to join. If you download this workbook and let me know what you think via email, I will give you a code for 15% off the course when it comes time to enroll!

You can also sign up for my weekly newsletter mailing list with this link: Be the Best You Newsletter or click on the link in the sidebar! The newsletter will be filled with behind the scenes information and tips, as well as free exclusive email surprises once a month! I will be releasing the newsletter in November, join now so you will receive it when it comes out!

Edited to add:
It seems that WordPress or my website are having glitches, so if you want the download and can’t get the link above to work, use this contact form to send me an email and I will email it directly to you.
Thank you for your patience!


13 thoughts on “FREE Weight Loss Workbook (Improved)

    1. I’m so sorry. For some reason the direct link to my downloads menu on my website wasn’t working. I changed it to go to the homepage and you can click on the downloads at the top of that page. Thank you so much for telling me!!!

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    1. I don’t know what’s up with it! I couldn’t get it to open with the downloads page, and just couldn’t get the page open… I think WordPress is having issues with its links today, another girl wanted me to check out her blog and the link still won’t work.

      It might also be the app versions. Are you on an app? I’m able to open it from my laptop but not my apps.

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      1. i wonder there is something wrong with my internet connection; I cannot even open your wordpress site… I will try again time to time, so no worries. I am interested in knowing what this wonderful workbook is about and how it will help me with my weight loss journey 🙂

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