Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Walking

Why I love walking as a form of exercise… It may not be an intense workout, but it gives me a whole lot of mental benefits!

#1: I’m FREE! Free, free as a bird! Quite simply, it gives me a break from my crazy, chaotic house. Sometimes it is too overwhelming and noisy to be at home and I need a serious breather!

#2: I can finally… think! If you have small children in your house, you know how truly hard it is to have any coherent thoughts! My walking (or any exercise where I don’t have a child interrupting me every other second), is a chance to have clear thoughts, what I call my “profound” thoughts. Now if I retain whatever profound thoughts I had by the time I finish and return to the craziness is a discussion for another day!

#3: Nature, beautiful nature. I love admiring the trees, grass, and other plants. Not to mention the ever entertaining creatures. Squirrels, chipmunks, bunnies, and birds can certainly be really entertaining and just plain beautiful to look at sometimes!

#4: Fresh air and sunshine. Sure this actually falls under the “nature” category, however I think it deserves its very own listing. I love the fresh air and sunshine. As long as the heat or humidity is not suffocating me, these two things are refreshing and invigorating!

#5: Variety in routes and length. Never a dull moment if you can change your routes day-to-day, and also challenge yourself to hit certain distances.

There you have it, a simple list as to why walking is still one of my favorite forms of exercise after almost a year and a half of healthy living.

What is your favorite form of exercise and why?


8 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Walking

  1. it is my favorite exercise too 🙂 in addition to what you wrote, in my list I have a) it is usually doable at any age, and b) I feel “free” when I focus on my walking; it is amazing how our bodies can work and take all the distance while walking. let’s keep walking.

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      1. I am sure there are more in your list as well; you just mentioned the top 5 reasons. For everyone it may mean other benefits/meanings. years ago, walking was the a way for myself to feel stronger and healthier, as the more I walked, the better I felt. It is such an amazing activity..:)

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  2. A couple of reasons why I appreciate walking:
    -it is low maintenance and doesn’t require any gear. I just put on comfortable clothing and walking shoes and I’m ready to go.

    -you can walk anywhere. As a former flight attendant, members of my crew would be disappointed when there wasn’t a fitness room in our hotel. I was always happier putting on my sneakers and exploring new sites around the world as I walked.

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