Tinker Bell Half Marathon

As some of you know or have read, I am signed up for a half marathon in May, which is the Tinker Bell Half at Disneyland. I really can’t wait for it! I have yet to start training or even running again due to my foot issue but really need to start by the beginning of the year at the latest so hopefully I will get that settled by then. I have had great improvements with my feet and can live a more normal and active life again, but running is a risk at this point. Hopefully next week I can get some real answers!

A couple weeks ago my mom scored me a shirt from Goodwill:

Tinker Bell shirt

And boy was I excited to discover that sitting on my bed! I had been wanting to look online and find a Tinker Bell shirt for the race to at least dream about for now, and hadn’t gotten around to it… so it made me even happier! The sleeves are also purple which is my favorite color. The best thing is that it’s probably a size down from where I currently am so will further motivate me to lose more weight before the race. I’m not setting a number for that but hope to lose another 20 minimum, however I know I can do 30 if I keep averaging more than five pounds a month.

sleep shorts

I already had these Tink sleep shorts, I don’t even remember where I got them, but they were probably a Christmas present from my mom quite a few years ago as they are Christmas colored. They are probably too big for me now lol, but I will be bringing them with me anyway to sleep in as long as I’m sure they won’t fall off.

From a trip to Disneyland in 2009, I have this cap that I’ve been wearing for my walks:

Tinker Bell hat

I love this hat, because I love Tinker Bell. And now it will be perfect as a hat for the race as well!

Last but certainly not least as far as the Tinker Bell items go, I rediscovered this in a jewelry box last week:

Tink necklace

A necklace! I don’t remember when or where I got this either, but I love that I found it now! It looks like it needs to be cleaned but I’m pretty certain it’s not real and I don’t know how to clean it without ruining it. I’m not a big jewelry wearer but have been desiring to wear necklaces and bracelets lately so it was definitely a pleasant surprise on that level as well.

Now I also have plenty of general Disney stuff, but will only be sharing a picture of two more:

Mickey Mouse

This ring is too small to go on my ring finger, but I hope that changes by the time I go or I will just wear it on my pinky finger lol. The “B” is for my name, Bonnie of course. I don’t remember where I got this either, probably on a trip to Disneyland at some point.

#Disneyland key ring

My beloved Disneyland keychain. I recently rediscovered this too and am glad to have it. I think I got it in 2009 when I went as well. Now looking at the picture, I realize this is also a Tinker Bell item haha, she’s flying over the castle. I didn’t realize that!

So there you have it, things I will absolutely be taking with me when I go for the half marathon! It makes me even more excited for my trip to have all of these items, only one truly new but the rest feel new in a sense because I had lost all but the hat for a few years.


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