You are Beautiful, You are Worth it!

Motivation is something so many of us lack on a Monday! So I’m going to leave you with this thought:


YOU are beautiful, YOU are worth it!

be the best you

You are beautiful, even if you may not feel like it right at this moment.

All of us possesses beauty beyond what we perceive. We are beautiful in our own unique ways. We are one of a kind, we all have something to offer the world. One way to show that beauty is to be kind to yourself and others, to do what you can to help others and to be there for loved ones. What skills do you have that you feel proud of?

The most magnificent thing about beauty is that we can let ours shine through our actions. Hold your head high, be confident in what you’re doing. Live in the present and remind yourself that you belong. Even when you’re unsure of something, be confident in your ability to figure it out. We are all learning and stumbling through life in some form or another. Despite appearances, no one has everything together… and if they by some chance do, that state of order doesn’t usually last long. It’s an ideal, not a reality. Celebrate the beautiful disorder of life!

As far as physical beauty goes, it is so important to have that confidence in yourself. So take a moment to think… What do you like about your looks? It could be something minor or something major, just think of at least one thing. Then think of why you like that about yourself. What was it that you liked about yourself?

We are beautiful because of our experiences: the good, the bad, and the ugly. All of those experiences have made us who we are. You ever hear of the saying “everything happens for a reason”? Well, it really does. It may seem horrible at the moment, but you will come out on the other side, stronger than ever! You will be whoever you are meant to be. Use your experiences to your advantage! What are some experiences you have had that you feel have been a blessing or lesson in disguise?

Share your answers to the questions above in the comments, if you want to! I’d love to hear what good feelings you have always had or discovered in yourself by just thinking about your own beauty.

sunlight picture

I will go first:

What skills do I have that I’m proud of?
My writing, my ability to help others, my natural ability to care for children (although that’s far from perfect lol), and my ability to thoroughly think things through.

What do I like about my looks?
My eyes, for one. I love how they are mostly green. My hair most of the time. It’s soft and healthy. My muscles that I’m currently working to build up and having some good results already. My unique double “earlobe” that I was born with on my left ear because it makes me feel special!

What experiences have I been through that I feel have been a blessing or lesson in disguise?
There are so many so I will list three:
1) My foot injury/issue because it has taught me so much and given me a chance to find more potential in myself than just being active!
2) Falling into babysitting my nephews full-time for a year and a half now, not to mention part-time before that since 2012. It has taught me a lot about parenting, and has also provided me with a closeness to my nephews that I wouldn’t have if I weren’t caring for them or just around them in general so often! It’s special even compared to my special relationships with my sister’s children.
3) Vacation in May when I took a road trip across the country. This is a good experience but it taught me so much more than I expected. The trip helped me find my belief and faith in God, it helped me realize how truly invested I am in my body and my healthy lifestyle, and so much more!


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