Sharing Sunday- The Marvel of Pet Therapy

Pets are a valuable part of our lives. Many of us even consider them to be our “babies” or furbabies. The most amazing quality of our pets is the therapy we receive from them.

It’s quite simple really… Pets keep us company when we’re alone. They also give us a listening ear when we need one, without talking back or assuming we need advice. Even if they’re not truly listening, they can provide us with the illusion that they are. They can be our sounding board when we need to hear what we’re saying out loud to think it through but don’t want to discuss it with an actual person, or when we feel like no one will understand. Not only that, our pets supply us with some much needed cuddles! Just simply petting their soft fur or showering them with attention can be calming and distract us from our problems.

It’s such a beautiful give and take relationship. We take care of them and in turn they take care of us in a way sometimes other people cannot. Our pets fill the gap where everyday human interaction really doesn’t fit the bill. Sometimes they even give us support when our loved ones don’t.

katie pretty baby
My beautiful furbaby, keeping me company and snuggling.

This is my precious furbaby, Katie. She is a Siamese mix and we got her twelve years ago when she was a not-so-little stray kitten. She is a rather small cat though, weighing less than six pounds. She was originally meant to be my brother’s cat, but she hid under my bed from the very beginning. He would get in her face a lot, even chasing her under the bed to drag her out. Eventually she started jumping up on my bed and would let me pet her. I gave her the space she needed though and she appreciated me for it. We definitely started bonding from the that point. A few years after we got her, my brother gave in (without my asking) and told me she could be my cat. Over the years since then, our bond has only gotten stronger. We are really attached to each other now.

While anyone with pets can relate, she can be obnoxious sometimes and noisy. The Siamese in her makes her quite vocal at times and occasionally just won’t stop crying at me no matter what. I love her though, she is my baby and my one constant in a world of chaos and upheaval. She brings me strength when I’m feeling low, and comfort when I’m feeling sad or hopeless.

She even approves of my joining a gym, here she is cuddling up to my new gym shirt when I joined last month:


Pets are amazing creatures. Some might say they are just animals, but I say they are more than animals. They are a part of our families. They give us so much for simply taking care of and loving them.


One thought on “Sharing Sunday- The Marvel of Pet Therapy

  1. kitties are my kryptonite . I am cat lady without at cat at the moment and the cats that hang around my school are the ones that want to be fed without giving you one little stroke.


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