Freebie Friday- FREE Vacation Tips for Weight Loss


Vacations are a ton of fun. The anticipation alone in the time leading up to it is just so exciting that we can’t possibly contain ourselves!

While we’re focusing on weight loss though, vacations can be a bittersweet event. We all know it’s super easy to gain weight while on vacation… simply thinking of all of that food, the foods easily available and the foods that are not available that we’ve been relying on to lose weight, can be enough to make you want to give up on your weight loss goals while away from home. Not to mention the serious lack of exercise options compared to what we’re used to in our controlled home environment. It can be our worst nightmare in this sense.

I want you to be rest assured, because there are indeed options available to you and there is a way to minimize the effects of weight gain while on vacation. Ideally you will break even, not gaining but also not losing. However, these tips are simply designed to help you to not come back with a lot of extra weight. These tips are what I found to work for me in the past year while making vacationing fit into my new healthy lifestyle.

vacation tips

Along the theme of the rest of my blog, we all have to find what will work for us and tailor these tips to our specific vacation and needs.

Disclaimer: If you do your best on vacation, eating pretty well and getting as much exercise as you can, you still may come back with water weight from traveling. It’s an unfortunate side effect. So don’t be discouraged. It’s normal and the water weight will come off with a little time!


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(edited 10/19/2015)

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