Workout Wednesday- Sidelined by Pain/Injury

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Injuring yourself or dealing with intense pain and being sidelined because of it can be one of the worst feelings ever. Trust me, I know. My issue isn’t quite bad but I believe it’s possible I have a bone spur as well as an issue with my pinky toe joint on my right foot. Being sidelined, or partially sidelined, by it for the past three months has been really obnoxious and discouraging to say the least. However, I have learned a lot and I’d like to impart that wisdom to you.

When the injury or pain first begins, it is heartbreaking in its own way. We feel like all of our hard work will go down the drain because we can’t exercise like we’re used to. The good news is there are alternatives. It may not be easy to change our methods of exercising, but it is worth it to find something else to do continue to do our best with our goals. Also, focusing on what we can control, especially our nutrition goals can be a great distraction and make us feel like we still have our power.

So what can we do for exercise if we’re injured?

If it’s a leg/foot issue, then turning to swimming or chair exercise are wonderful alternatives. Chair exercise videos, whether it be online, cable On Demand service, or DVDs, are not quite as boring as they sound. I tried this after my foot issue started. If I’d had a proper chair to use I would have continued with it longer. If it’s an impact issue and you can still do weight bearing exercise, an elliptical is another spectacular option. I love that machine because it’s intense yet low impact. I’ve always had a joint problem so I fell in love with the machine when I first used it. Yet another option for leg/foot issues is the stationary bike. They’re not for everyone but try both the recumbent and upright versions. I tried the recumbent bike first and found it boring, but the upright version was so much more interesting and enjoyable.

With arm issues, there are obviously more options as long as you’re careful not to jostle the sore area too much. Walking outside, walking indoors, the elliptical and bike like mentioned above but holding on might be a bit tough, and some others.

Above all else, be creative. Research online and find out what your options are. As far as strength training goes, focus as much the areas not hurting as you can to keep up a routine with those body parts. Keep doing your best and don’t give up. Injuries and pain issues are usually temporary unless it’s chronic pain, even though they sometimes don’t feel like it. You will see the other side of this and you will come out victorious!


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