Motivation Monday- Do Your Best


“Just do your best!” is one of my personal mottos, adopted during a very challenging time. It’s something we should all remind ourselves of as often as we can. Our best is all we can expect of ourselves because no one is perfect. If we are always striving to do our best, then we focus on that and recognize we are a success because of it.

Unfortunately slip ups happen, and they happen to all of us. They’re inevitable… but the good news is that with the mentality to keep doing your best instead of dwelling on what you did “wrong,” you continue to feel motivated with the knowledge that you will always do your best! It really takes the intense pressure off your shoulders which has the added bonus of letting you enjoy each step of your journey.

One thing to remember though is to keep perspective. Your best varies from moment to moment so your best right now might not be your best tonight or tomorrow. It depends a lot on our state of mind, emotions and things going on around us as well as other factors. So remember to do your best to choose each best option as it comes along. When you slip up, learn from it but put it right behind you and make your next decision a good one, one you’ll feel proud of. That first healthy or productive choice after a slip up is so powerful! It fills you with an earned sense of accomplishment and helps you remember that you can indeed do this!

Always remember to focus on doing your best each day, each moment, and it will get you so far!

3 thoughts on “Motivation Monday- Do Your Best

  1. Thanks for this Bonnie. I’ve struggled with this concept in the past… with feeling like if I slipped up, then I didn’t really do my best. I’ve learned that I’m more successful with a realistic viewpoint πŸ™‚

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