Foodie Friday- A Healthy, Protein Packed Treat

There is a treat that I’ve recently discovered in my search of getting more protein in my daily diet. I had tried Greek yogurt a few times previously, but only ones with the fruit or fruit flavoring already added, and it truly grossed me out. So it kind of put me off of Greek yogurt for a little while.

However, I didn’t give up that easily. I kept getting drawn back to it. One shopping trip I decided to try vanilla/plain Greek yogurt and mix it with my own fresh fruit at home. So I grabbed a four pack and brought it home, determined to make it work somehow. First “recipe” I tried was to mix the Greek yogurt with a whole diced banana and a tablespoon of peanut butter (half a serving). And OH MY, was that tasty! It was so delicious! It really reminded me of banana cream pie with a hint of peanut butter.

Due to oral surgery this week and a lack of bananas in the house, I ended up trying the Greek yogurt with just 1 1/2 tablespoons of peanut bugged mixed in… and it still tasted absolutely delicious. So even if you don’t like bananas or are like me and don’t have them in the house at any particular moment, try the Greek yogurt with just peanut butter mixed in.

Protein packed:

Greek yogurt has 12g protein

Peanut butter has 3.5g per tablespoon, half serving

Bananas aren’t a source of protein but have some much needed potassium 

3 thoughts on “Foodie Friday- A Healthy, Protein Packed Treat

  1. I hated Greek Yogurt when I first tried it too!!! But after awhile I gave it another chance and found that it was my lack of STIRRING it that is what I hated. If I stir it till nice and creamy smooth then I enjoy it. I also found I don’t care for fat-free or anything lower than 2% and I usually go for 4% if tasting a brand I don’t know. At home I get plain 2% Fage and dish out half a cup and add sugar-free Torani syrups for special flavors of my own creation. I recently found a pumpkin pie one and it’s really good, better than the store bought pumpkin pie flavored ones. I’m thinking I will try adding a bit of pumpkin puree to it as well to see what happens and if I like it like that too.


  2. mmmm this sounds delicious! I have to try this. I really need to get more protein in my diet. I always try to add protein in and end up forgetting. I think I just need something quick and easy to get a habit of it going! Happy Friday!


  3. FYI- some brands of fat free Greek yogurt have even 17 grams of protein. I mixed freshly ground honey roasted PB in after reading this & it was fabulous!
    Pumpkin with spices sounds yummy too Melissa 🙂

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