Workout Wednesday- Walking

Walking is a great form of exercise to start out with, low impact and flexible. In fact, it’s how I got started on my own weight loss journey. At first it was just easiest. Since I babysit my now 4 and 3 year old nephews full-time, it was the best form of exercise I could get while I had them. We had just bought a quality double stroller and so I would take them out in that once a day at first, 3-5 times a week. It wasn’t long before I was able to increase my walking.

My suggestion, and what kept me moving forward, is to vary your routes… And to make goals. The goals could be to increase your minutes per mile speed or to increase distance walked at one time. I mostly focused on the latter myself, making a goal almost right away to work up to five miles at once. Then I comprised a plan to slowly increase my distance by half mile every two to three weeks. It worked out pretty well and kept things fresh.

Playing music in headphones on a volume that allows you to both enjoy the music and also to be aware of your surroundings is another good way to keep things fresh. Eventually I worked on making myself an upbeat playlist that kept me motivated and happy during my walks. I didn’t personally listen to music while walking with my nephews though because I spent the time talking to them and keeping them content.

Enjoying the time to yourself if you go on your own, and basking in the “me time” it provides. Admiring nature and observing people and buildings around you. Talking to a friend or your children if you’re walking with others. These are all fun things to do to keep things interesting as well. 

Here are some of the awesome and beautiful pictures I’ve taken on walks recently:


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